Vert Shock Program Review: WARNING! Beware The Results!


Today I decided to do something different and go out of my regular routine. I decided to open up my blog for a guest who has a very unusual story.

This guy is a 30 year old athlete who was continually struggling with his jump.

He tried many ways to increase his vertical but it wasn’t until recently that he finally got his breakthrough.

His success is the result of the new Vert Shock program which is making a lot of buzz in our industry lately and has changed the way most people think about vertical jump training.

Meet Josh…

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Hey Guys, this is Josh here and thanks for checking out my review.

The reason I created this post is because I love playing basketball, but like many others I have a problem – I can’t dunk!

Now I know there are worse problems to have, right!?

But maybe this situation is familiar to you?

It’s before a basketball game and you’re warming up, there is a layup line, you’re doing your picture perfect right-foot left-foot layup and the ball goes off the glass and into the rim.

But then there’s this guy behind you who’s holding his own dunk contest and is getting all the attention from the crowd.

Or maybe you’re out on the playground practicing your 3-pointer/free-throws, and again there’s this other guy who’s working on his 360 windmill…

Well… my plan was to become that guy!

To achieve this I decided to follow the 8 week Vert Shock training system by Adam Folker and Justin Jus Fly Darlington.

The Vert Shock Pro System

Who Am I?

Alright, before I continue let me introduce myself real quick:

My name is Josh, I’m 30 years old, born and raised in Southern California, and unfortunately I’m only 6 feet tall, which sucks because it means no easy dunks for me.

It’s quite embarrassing to be honest, but I’ve never even dunked a basketball before.

Even when I was a senior at my high-school team, the best I could do is just touch the rim, but I’ve never tasted how it really felt to dunk. I would watch other 6’0 players on my team dunking and I could only jealous at them.

I think there are lots of basketball players out there who can relate to my story and would love to increase their vertical enough to finally be able to dunk.

I also promised myself that if I ever find something that works I’d go out there and share my experience with the world!

That’s why I decided to create this post and share my review with you. Hopefully my results by the end of the program will motivate you to take action and commit to the training!

My Failed Attempts at Dunking

During my 30 years of existence on this earth I came across numerous “tricks” and “shortcut” programs that claimed to have the ability to increase my vertical.

I tried many of these programs…

After the 2nd week it becomes Ground Alert

I did Air-Alert, jump soles, strength shoes, Vertical Mastery, 50 Inch Vertical, Flying In 4 and the list goes on…

Allow me to spare you the time and money – 80% of the stuff you find out there is just rubbish and scam that simply doesn’t work.

I’ve also come across some good programs that were legit such as The Jump Manual program which did actually help me.

However, I was looking for something faster and something that didn’t involve me having to go to the gym because I hate lifting weights to be honest, it’s just not my thing, and I’ve always preferred a good cardio workout out in the open over lifting weights in the gym.

Why I decided To Try This Program

  1. Looks Legit & Not A Scam

  2. Vert Shock looked legit as it was created by two very credible guys, one is Adam Folker, a Pro basketball player, and the other is Justin Jus Fly Darlington, a famous award winning elite dunker and a vertical jump expert.

    These two have a reputation to consider, therefore it was highly unlikely they’d create a product that is scam.

    Justin Jus Fly Darlington winning Nike Dunk Contest with Lebron & Anthony Davis as judges.
  3. Good Reviews & Testimonials

  4. There were good reports of it on the net and the official site of Vert Shock was filled with customer reviews and testimonials from people all over the world who tried the program and had good experience with it.

    This further strengthened my belief that the product was worth looking at.

  5. Does Not Require A Gym

  6. This was really a big thing for me and it’s what got me into this program.

    As said earlier, I’m the type of guy who likes to do his training outdoors and work my body instead of working the weights.

    Vert Shock was just the thing I was looking for, there’s no weight lifting involved and no equipment necessary, and you can basically do it from anywhere you want.

  7. Full 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

  8. 60-day-money-back-guarantee
    Sign me up!
    The program comes with a Full 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee, so I thought to myself if this thing doesn’t work, I could at least get my money back.

    Plus the cost was just 67 bucks after a discount, which is really not a lot assuming the program delivered on its promise.

    So I dived right in and bought the program without thinking twice…

What Is Vert Shock?

Vert Shock is a relatively new training system designed first and foremost to increase your vertical jump.

It was developed by Pro basketball player, Adam Folker, and one of the world’s highest and most decorated dunkers, Justin Jus Fly Dalington.

Adam Folker with Kobe Bryant (a.k.a. Black Mamba)

The program is based on the principles of high-intensity advanced plyometrics done in a very specific and unique way which maximizes neurological response from a certain group of muscles.

These are your Type-IIb muscle fibers (a.k.a fast twitch muscle group).

The goal is to stimulate these muscle to fire extremely fast and participate more in the actual process of jumping.

How The Program Works

Here’s an excellent video that explains exactly how the program works and why it has such a high success rate among basketball players:


My Progress

When I started the program I had a below average one-legged jump and I couldn’t even grab the rim. This was true for jumping with both, left and right leg.

…and this is without a basketball.

When testing my vertical with a basketball it was even lower, only 19 inches, I couldn’t even dunk if you gave me a baby hoop.

Couldn’t even dunk on a baby’s hoop

I did some math and calculated that I’ll need about 9 inches just to get a basic dunk. It seemed like a lot but it was within the range of what the program guarantees.

Nevertheless, I held my hopes high and told myself that one day I’ll be able to do all those cool dunks I imagined myself doing: off 2 feet, using both hands, 360, windmill, between the legs, you name it…

In the coming weeks I trained very hard and went through the entire phases of the program, the famous Pre-Shock, Shock, and Post-Shock phases.

In order to track my progress over the 8 weeks I would go out there and test my vertical every week. This would help me keep track of my progress and calculate how many inches I gained.

Testing – every inch is important.

I would also try to dunk on every opportunity I’d have because I wanted to get the ‘feeling of it‘ and see how my progress manifests itself in real life, rather than just numbers in my head.

And boy, let me tell you, it’s so much fun and so motivating when you see your hands each week get higher-and-higher above the rim.

So let’s talk about the structure of the program…

The Workouts, Exercises & Phases

Pre-Shock Phase

Shocked from the get go
The first week is called the Pre-Shock phase, it’s comprised of 6 workouts in 7 days which are supposed to shock your body and really prepare you for the next 7 weeks.

I can tell you right now that the Pre-Shock phase was not Pre for me at all, I felt quite “Shocked” already at this stage.

That’s somehow strange, because when you look at it, the workouts themselves were really not that hard or long, it took me only 45 minutes to complete each workout and it’s not like CrossFit where you’re really pushed to the max and you’re doing tons of repetitions until you pass out.

You are however doing all the exercises at maximum intensity.

For example, when you’re doing a set of 8 depth jumps you’re supposed to stop as soon as you notice your jump height is getting lower. This way, the workout almost seems too easy because you’re never really pushed to the limit.

I live in a building where there are no elevators, so after the training I have to walk up the stairs all the way to my apartment, and after my first workout I was getting cramps in my calves and upper leg. So there really has to be something about that training!

The training schedules – each day of the 8 weeks has a unique workout

The first week of Vert Shock has you working out on 6 out of 7 days and the first two days are very jumping specific, so you’re doing a lot of plyometric exercises but also exercises where you’re more focused on strength and power (something like deep squat jumps for example).

The third day is a little different for full body workout where you work on your core strength and upper-body strength, and your legs get a day off.

The fourth day is dedicated for rest & recovery and then you just repeat the first 3 days again.

On to the big question…

Does Vert Shock Really Work?

Vert Shock is no magic pill, it’s not a program you can take lightly and it’s certainly not one of those “Get 50 inch vertical jump doing nothing but sitting on your couch” programs – so don’t expect it to really work if you don’t work.

It’s really not!

The workouts are very hard at times, and you have to be willing to train intensely and work your butt off if you really want to add BIG inches to your vertical and jump higher.

Following the 8 week program was not an easy task for me, I had to push myself physically and mentally in order to complete this program.

What motivated me here is the fact that I kept adding up inches consistently when taking measurements every week.

To answer your question…

…If you put in the time and effort, and follow through with all the instructions, then yes, the program will work for you.

Otherwise how would this guy be able to get his vertical up to 50+ inches and win so many dunk competitions!?

Jus Fly

My Results After 8 Weeks

During the 8 weeks of Vert Shock I’ve gotten a total of 9 inches, going from a 24 inch vertical before to a 33 inch after.

Now I know this is not a Blake Griffin’s 60 inch vertical, and I’m certainly not going to jump over a car now, but 33″ is still very high!

If you think about it, I now have a vertical of an average NBA player.

Here’s a video where I shot myself 3 days after finishing Vert Shock…

Seeing the results on my vertical each week was a really gratifying thing, it gave me a huge motivation knowing that I’m getting better with each workout, and that’s something that other programs failed to do for me before.

Vert Shock Pros & Cons


No Gym Fees & No Equipment Necessary

What I really liked about the Vert Shock system is the fact that you don’t need a gym. I really didn’t want to sign up for a gym or spend money on equipment, so I did all my workouts in a nearby park just 5 minutes outside of my house and that was perfect for me.

No Gym, No Problem

All you need for the workout is a park bench or a little wall and a soft surface where you can do your jumps freely and securely.

For some exercises you also need a basketball, but who doesn’t have one these days, right?! Besides, how will you ever be able to dunk if you don’t have a ball?

Very User Friendly

I really liked the job they did with the members area in terms of designing all the elements and making it very easy to use. You can tell that they’ve put a lot of thought into it.

The workouts and all the materials are easily accessible and it’s easy to navigate your way through the site. Everything’s very straight-forward and the layout is crisp and clear.

Inside Look on The Membership Area

Plus, you can access it from any device, whether it’s a desktop, mobile or tablet, and it will adjust accordingly to make sure you get the best viewing experience no matter which device you’re on.

Excellent For Beginners To Advanced Athletes

From beginners, all they way up to advanced level athletes, the program fits most people and it will work very efficiently.

Typically if you have a vertical that is 35 inches or less, that makes you a good candidate to benefit from this program.

Quick To Show Results

Hey Blake, I can do that too now!
Vert Shock is very fast when it comes to producing results early on.

Already after the first week I saw a 2 inch increase on my vertical and went from not touching the rim to almost grabbing it.

By the end of the first month I’ve increased a total of 5 inches and was able to hang onto the rim consistently with one hand.

This was very satisfying to see and it was a factor that kept me motivated and committed to stay on track with my training regardless of how difficult it was or how lazy I felt.

No Guesswork

Adam and Justin did a really great job of streamlining the entire process and making sure the program is easy to follow.

Everything in this program is explained in a very detailed and specific way. They provide clear instructions so you don’t end up with unanswered questions and having to guess or speculate.

The workout charts and schedules are all perfectly laid out, they include the amount of sets & reps for each and every exercise, and they show you exactly what you need to do each and every day for the entire 8 weeks.

There’s also a video library where Adam demonstrates each exercise individually.

Adam demonstrating and explaining everything from A to Z.

The videos themselves are extremely high quality in HD resolution and they show everything in slow motion too.

Inside the videos, not only does Adam show you how to do the exercises, he also explains everything in detail and points out common errors you should avoid so you don’t end up hurting yourself.

60 Day Full Money Back Guarantee

Adam and Justin have built a quality product which they stand behind 100%. Because of that, they’re willing to cover your entire purchase with a full 60 day money back guarantee.

60-day-money-back-guaranteeThat just goes to show you how confident they are in this program, so much that they’re willing to put their money on the line and potentially let people screw them over, all so you won’t need to take the risk on yourself.

But seriously, don’t be a d*ck and misuse this feature.

Only buy Vert Shock if you’re truly and genuinely planning on following through with the program!


No Weight Training Module

For me, this is actually a good thing, but for others this might be a turn off. Some people actually want to include weight lifting in their routine while doing this program.

This is perfectly fine as the program does not forbid you to lift weights, you just have to be careful about it.

But this created a new concern for many people – overtraining. This is because people did not know how much weightlifting was enough before it crosses the boundary and starts to interfere with the program.

For this reason, Adam has decided to solve this issue once and for all by creating a separate module just for weightlifting. It’s called Vert Shock Complex Training Routines (more details on that later).

For those who still want the benefit of weight lifting

So if you still insist on going inside the weight room, the Complex Training Routines module has you covered.

Lack of Background Knowledge

Vert Shock does an excellent job of telling you what you should do and how you should do it. But in terms of explaining the reasoning behind the training, they don’t go into much detail about it.

scientific-backgroundIf you’re the kind of guy who likes to read about stuff and dive deep into the scientific research, you might be somewhat disappointed as there’s not much info in it.

This is not a big deal for most people.

And yet, I feel they could have done a better job with providing some more background about jumping in general and the science behind it.

Not The Best Choice For Older People

This is just my personal opinion, but I think people older than 30 are generally better off going with a more gradual program. The reason I say this is because over time people develop joint issues, and the older you are, the more risk of an injury you have.

Vert Shock is a highly intense program and it has a lot of jumping going on. If you’re above 30 and you’re out of shape, jumping straight into this program might actually do you more harm than good.

A good approach in this case would be to start preparing yourself about a month in advanced by doing some strength training to your legs.

Above 30? Make sure these are in good shape before you start.

Alternatively you could simply go with The Jump Manual which is considered a more conservative program and spans over a longer period of time.

This not black & white though, and 30 by no means makes you unfit to do this program. I just chose this number as a rough split. However, I know tons of guys who are actually over 30 and they’re beasts!

It all comes down to how active you are and how you maintain your body. If you’re taking care of yourself and you’re fairly in shape and fit, it’s safe to assume you can do this program.

Not Good For Those Recovering From An Injury

If you’re still recovering from an injury forget about this program for now. This is not something you can do with messed up joints/bones/ligaments/whatever..

So do yourself a favor and wait until you’re fully healed before getting into this.

What Can You Expect From The Program?

Dunking’s fun, but denying your opponents at will… #IcingOnTheCake

Vert Shock is a dedicated vertical leap training system, so the first thing you can expect from is, of course, to grow your vertical.

But this is actually a misrepresentation of what the program does, because in reality, Vert Shock gives you a lot more. It can impact your game and improve you in many different ways.

Here are some of them:

  • You grab more rebounds
  • You get more points under the rim
  • You block more shots
  • You become faster on the court and able to outrun your competition
  • You develop core strength that stabilizes you and improves your stamina
  • You improve your flexibility and decrease your chances of injury

These and much more are just side effects of the program.

And let’s not forget dunking, which is of course why we’re all here in the first place.

Free PDF Ebook for Download

Gained 2 inches with this FREE ebook
I forgot to mention that before doing the program I’ve used this free training guide which I downloaded from the official site.

It’s a free PDF file that has some awesome little methods in it showing you how you can add up to 4 inches to your vertical under 1 hour.

To be honest I only got 2 inches increase from it, but hey.. it’s freaking insane considering the fact that it takes just one workout, less than an hour long, to learn these methods and apply them to your technique.

One hour for a lifetime 2 inches!? I’d say it’s a pretty good deal.

And if nothing else, this PDF is offered completely for FREE on their website and you can go ahead and download the ebook right now.


It’s time to conclude this review and give you my final verdict of things.

So as you can see I’ve had quite a big success with this program, I am now finally able to dunk and it’s all thanks to this wonderful program.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking this is the end though, even though I’m proud of my new found ability to jump it doesn’t mean I will stop working with this program.

Due to my success with the system I have marked myself a new goal. I’ve decided to dream a little bigger now and aim for a 40 inch vertical.

I’ll satisfy with the 41-50″

I’m going to repeat the program now and combine it with the Jump Like Justin workout and Vert Shock’s Complex Training Routines.

I hope this combo will give me the ultimate results so I’d be able to dunk on demand and become truly unstoppable under the rim.

So whether you’re playing for fun or looking to become a pro, whether you’re looking to dunk or just be more athletic, you can see how Vert Shock can really help you take your game to the next level.

It’s currently one of the top vertical jump programs that’s out there and it makes such a huge difference in your ability to explode on the court.

And while it is not easy to do, it’s very much worth it, because it gives you such an enormous edge over your competition.

Plain and simple Vert Shock gets the job done!

That’s a wrap.
Anyone who’s serious about stepping-up his game should take advantage of this program.

If you have enough discipline and you’re willing to train for five days a week for 8 weeks straight, you’re guaranteed to succeed with it.

It will help you become more explosive and it will give you a real shot at finally being able to throw down that dunk you’ve always wanted.

This is it guys, I hope this review helped you understand better how the program works and I hope my results will motivate you to take action.

Happy Dunking!

 Download Now

*This post was originally published on November 2015 and was updated for comprehensiveness.

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  1. Had a very good experience with vertshock, I’m 5’9 170lbs and I went from touching the backboard to grabbing the rim regularly.

    I’m still not dunking yet but I’m very close. I figure I only need 3 more inches. I’m now getting ready to restart the program. Hope to be slamming it down strong next month…

    Thanks for posting this up.

  2. Awesome program.
    I’m 6’1 sophomore and I just threw down my first dunk! (and I’m only on week 4)

    But I want to ask, if I’ll add weights on the gym once a week would it help?

    1. That is SICK man! What was your vertical when you started?

      Don’t change anything at this point. Just keep doing what you’re doing. It’s better to save this stuff for later on when things start to slow down and you begin to plateau.

      In the meantime just stick to the program and keep up the good work.

      1. Thanks for the tip.
        Actually I didn’t measure my vertical, but I was able to grab the rim on most days. So i guess I just had a good starting point.

        But if I had to guess then I think it was around 26-27 inches (my standing reach is 7’10).

    1. Glad to hear that Faris.

      Haven’t done ‘Instant Shock’. The combo of VertShock + Complex Training Routines + LJL (Jump Like Justin) worked good for me.

  3. Hi, I’m 16 years old at 5’11 and I finished the program a few days ago and got 8 inches from it.

    I’m super satisfied with the results and I can now easily grab the rim with 1 hand when going off of 1 foot and I’m almost dunking.

    I made most of the progress on the first 6 weeks but I didn’t see any gains in the last 2 weeks. Did I do something wrong?

    Also, if I redo the program and add Justin’s workout (Jump Like Justin) will it help me increase even more?

    I would really appreciate your feedback. Thanks.

    1. That’s a rock solid improvement, 8 inches is a lot.

      I don’t think you did anything wrong, you fall within the average range of what people get the first time they go through the program.

      And it’s quite normal that you made most of your gains in the first few weeks, because vertical jump is a lot like bodybuilding, the more you progress the harder it becomes to put on new muscle (or inches in our case).

      Also, remember that sometimes your final vertical is revealed only about a week or two after the program, so you may actually take a week off and end up with another 1-2 inches, but those extra 1-2 inches were actually received during those last stages of the program.

      This is why I always recommend people not to test their vertical on the last day, but to take a few days off and then test it. It’s a much more accurate way of doing it and it gives a better representation of your true gains.

  4. Cool results man. I’m 5’11” weighing 180 pounds and I’m also at the same stage as you are, I can almost dunk but I’m not quite there yet.

    I’m now in the post shock phase now and I currently have a 34″ vertical. Before Vertshock it was 25″ and I could only touch the rim.

    Did you end up dunking at the end of the 8 weeks? and do you think I can get to 40 if I continue doing this program?

    1. Thanks Manuel.

      Yes I did pull it off eventually. About a week after the video I finally got that long awaited dunk that I was waiting for so long. man it was really sweet 🙂 super pumped about it!

      But it doesn’t mean I’m going to stop now, I still have a long way to go to get to where I want.

      To answer your question, I think VS coupled with the Jump Like Justin workout + some tweaking, will be enough to get the job done and get you to a 40 inch vertical.

      That’s why I’m getting ready to go all in again for another 2 months.

      I only need 5 more inches and I bet I can get those. Heck, I’m pretty sure I can get even more! That 40″ barrier doesn’t look so intimidating anymore.

      Let me know how it goes for you…

      1. Thanks for the feedback Josh. I actually tested my vertical yesterday and it was 0.5″ higher. Love it.

        I still have 3 more days until I finish but I will take your advice and will wait about a week before I test my vertical again.

        Thanks for everything.

  5. Nice work man. I have a broken arm at the moment so I won’t be having a top notch vert anytime soon… but after I get better I’m going to try vertshock and I will dive in full force to increase my vert. Thanks for sharing this stuff.

  6. Hey man.
    After I’m done with the program how long should I wait before starting it again?

    And do I start with the pre shock phase just like I did the first time? And also do you think doing legs at the gym at least once a week is a good idea or will it be too much overload?

    Thank you.

    1. Hey Drake, your comment was lost somewhere in the spam category, not sure why but I just saw it today.

      If this is still relevant then I think you need to take at least one week off before you restart the program. Some people say even two weeks are needed, but I think one is enough to refresh the systems, provided you’re 100% healthy.

      But if you’re suffering from sensitivity in a certain area or even pain then definitely take more time, no need to rush this and better stay on the safe side.

      Redo the program exactly the way it is including the Pre Shock phase to “recondition” the body after the break.

      I think you can throw in one leg session a week, but don’t go crazy, start very lightly, like only 1-2 exercises with light weight and see if that doesn’t interfere with your recovery.

  7. Beautiful dunks man.
    I’ve just completed the Preshock phase and already gained 3 inches…

    I’m currently 14 and 5’8 and I’m about 4 inches away from touching the rim.

    If I follow the workouts and everything exactly, do you think I’ll be able to dunk by the end of the program?

    1. Very good start Luther. I also had a 3 inch gain after the first week. It’s a good indication that there’s a lot of potential for improvement.
      At this speed you’ll be grabbing the rim in no time.

      For dunking it’s gonna take a while longer and you’re probably gonna need to repeat the program.

      But you’re on course, and you’re already seeing some quick gains. If you can finish it with 8-10 inches it’ll be fantastic.. ’cause then you’ll only need about 4-5 inches in order to seal the deal and then it’s show time 🙂

      Plus, 14 is really young and you’re probably gonna grow a lot in the next couple years. So don’t worry about that too much right now. Just make sure you stick to the program and follow through with it.

  8. Hey Josh,
    I’m midway through the program now and I can already see a big difference in my vertical. I started with a 23 inch standing vertical and I’m now measuring at 27 and finally able to touch the rim.

    I’m considering adding the Jump Like Justin workout to my routine and I want to know if it’s ok adding it now or should I wait until I finish the program first and then add it?

    Thanks for putting up this review.

    1. That’s awesome man, 5 inch gain on your standing vertical is pretty nice.

      Yes you can add the “Jump Like Justin” workout at any point actually. It was meant to supplement the program so it combines with it perfectly.

  9. How long do I need to wait after finishing the program?

    I finished the program yesterday and looking forward to test my vertical this weekend.

    On my last measurement I was jumping 32 inches (8 inches gained) and can now dunk a tennis ball easily.

    Should I take a break before starting the program again or can I go straight into it?

    I’m 16 and 5’10 btw…

    1. Very impressive man.

      BTW Matt just answered the exact same question right above you.

      From my experience so far and from what I’ve seen with other people, you need at least 1 week space just to allow your body to restore itself and freshen up those muscles and joints.

      But if you still feel sore, by all means take as much time as you need, there’s no exact timeframe on it and everyone’s different when it comes to recovery.

  10. Did this program last summer and added 7 inches to my vertical with it. could have gotten even more if I was more serious about it, but I’m planning on doing it again soon.

    Good thing tough that the gains stick so I don’t have to start over from scratch.

    Great review man, thanks for posting.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it.
      It’s funny you mention this actually..

      Just yesterday I’ve tested my vertical after about a month and a half of no training whatsoever.
      34 inches – only 1 inch less than my peak vertical.

      Gotta love sticky gains.

  11. Nice. I’m 15 and I’m currently on week 3 of the shock phase (week 4) and already added 4.5 inches and I can now grab the rim with one hand.

    But my legs are pretty much sore most of the time, is this ok or does this mean I’m overdoing it?

    I can still do everything fine and finish all the workouts but I feel really sore after about a few hours later.

    Am I doing it right?

    1. Awesome man, nice progress.

      I had this problem too, and it’s totally normal. Everyone I spoken with who did the program had soreness on some level during the shock phase. I guess there’s just no way around it (unless of course you’re already very conditioned and used to such intense training).

      I can tell you this, it gets better overtime but you can definitely do a few things to ease up the pain.

      Start doing some mild cardio, stretch more frequently etc.. Also the Jump Like Justin pre-workouts helps with that, I found that the exercises there helped me release my muscles more and minimize the soreness.

      Other than that, as long as you’re seeing good gains then you’re pretty much on track.

    1. You don’t need anything. I did most of the workouts in the gym but sometimes I trained in my own home because I didn’t want to go outside.

      It’s up to you to decide where you want to workout.

  12. Hey Josh.

    I’m getting into the 6th week now and I’m pretty happy with what I got so far. I’m 6’2 junior and I can manage to hang onto the rim fairly consistently now.

    But my legs are just killing me and I feel very tired most of the workouts, it was fine until week 5 but then it started to get really sore.

    What can I do?

    10x in advanced.

    1. Don’t worry man, this is really typical. I also had the hardest time during weeks 5-7, it’s where you’re body really has a tough time to keep up with the training and where you need to pay attention to it the most.

      Make sure your nutrition is in good shape and and give yourself enough rest.

      If you’re doing other things besides VS then start minimizing those activities, you should now focus most of your attention to recovery and keep only the things that are most important.

      Also checkout my comment here to Terry (hint: LJL can help you with that).

      1. Thanks for the quick answer man.

        Yes I’m used to playing basketball on many days of the week. I’ll try to cut that down now.

        Will also checkout Jump Like Justin…

        Thanks again.

  13. Hi,

    Hope you’re still active on here.

    I want to start the program soon, your dunks are pretty nice. Running and jumping with one foot, I can Hang on the rim (I’m 180cm, from germany, probably about 5’9 or something like that). Would you recommend jumping with two, and did you jump with two before the Program? I’d like to jump with two, but I cant even touch the rim then if I try.

    Thanks for your answer, great dunks tho!

    1. Still here Felix, even though this post has gotten kind of dormant lately.

      The goal is to be able to dunk from both, either one-foot or two-feet takeoff.
      It’s very normal that your two-feet jump is lower than your one-foot jump, most people are normally one-foot jumpers.

      Nevertheless, the program works on both of these types of jumps and teaches you the correct form for each one to maximize force transferal.

      You’re 5’11 btw.

  14. I am going to buy this program the next week. I just want to know can i do cardio and strength training along with these exercises if so how to plan a week and day.

    1. Hey Eshwar, it all depends.

      Are you planning on doing other things like practicing/playing basketball too?

      If you do, then I would suggest you to limit your strength training to just once, maximum twice a week.

      The way I would design the week is that the jump training would be in the morning/noon, and the strength training would be in the evening.
      The cardio would be best to be left for off days, but make sure it’s very light cardio and that you don’t strain yourself too much.

      If you’re having a hard time recovering, cut the other activities to half and see how you feel then. Also make sure you’re getting at least 8 hours of sleep at night and that you follow the nutrition guidelines religiously.

  15. I’m 14 and 6 feet tall. Right now I can grab rim with one hand. Also I am a one foot jumper and can’t jump nearly as high off of 2 feet when running or standing still. When I finish the program will I notice an increase in my 1 foot or 2 feet jumping. I would love to be able to slam off of two feet.

    1. Hi Ben!

      It enhances both in general, because once you improve your quickness and your muscles become more coordinated, it produces an increase in both, your one-foot as well as your two-foot jumps.
      But in terms of technique, it doesn’t really touch on the differences between the two. For that, you might want to checkout the Jump Like Justin addon which goes more deep about jumping form and the different mechanics of one/two legged jumps and how to train each one.

  16. Hey josh i am 5’11” with sneakers on and 7’6″ standing reach 24″ vertical i wanted to kno how many inches would i approximately need to dunk thanks

  17. hi josh… am from Nigeria, my vertical reach is just 29inches and am 6’2. how do i purchase vertshock program from my location.

      1. Yea josh, i can’t purchase because i can’t find my country’s currency and name on the purchase page, and i really need it. Can you tell me how to get the program?

  18. Hello Josh,I would like to buy this program but its expensive and Im scared if it doesnt work.I know there is money back but maybe it is a lie and I get screwed over?

    1. You have nothing to be afraid Milos, they’re obligated by law to return you your money if you’re not happy with the product, it’s written in their terms of service.

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