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20131011-211627If you reached this page then you probably want to learn more about me and you liked my site (at least I hope so) πŸ™‚

Anyway my name is Matthew Godley, I live in Davidson NC and I’ve been playing basketball from a really young age.

I played in my varsity team and also throughout high school and it continued to college.

Ever since I fell in love with the game I’ve always looked for ways to gain an advantage over my competitors, and although there are many ways to do that I’ve always been particularly interested in one thing mostly – jumping higher.

The problem was I’m not a natural jumper, I’ve always struggled with my jump and even though I’m 6’3″ I was still having a hard time playing against bigger guys.

Throughout the course of my careerΒ I’ve tried many methods to increase my vertical but I only had minor success. I tried programs such as air alert (1 & 2), vertical jump bible, I tried jump soles and weight training and what not?!

Anyway all these methods didn’t get me to where I wanted to be and I felt like this is more or less what I’m capable of. Fortunately I was wrong.

I’ve discovered The Jump Manual program and the rest of the story you already know…

With the help of this program I managed to increase my vertical by 15 inches reaching a 43″ vertical in total – how’s that for a non natural jumper!

I’m sharing my experience with the program here so be sure to check it out.

Anyway I’ve built this blog to tend to my obsession and attract like minded people who are obsessed about dunking and vertical jumping like me.

If you have any questions, requests or feedback you’re invited to contact me at matthew@jumpmanualblog.com or through this page and I will get back to you typically within 3 days.

I hope you find my blog useful and I wish you the best with your training.

Thanks for visiting…

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  1. Hello Matthew ,I am actually looking for a good jump program and I just don’t wanna spend without having results. Well I am 6’1 and I used to be able to throw it one hand and two But that was 5 years ago .I never did any workout apart from going to the basketball training with my team on daily basis back then. I really stop training for basketball when I went to college. I was now playing on weekends only .As I was online I saw some photos of my old teammate and a video of him dunking the basket .It made me realise how energetic I was five years ago .So I wanna workout and be able to throw it again. I need your advice

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