Ball Handling Like a Pro – Cross Over Your Defenders

Allen Iverson breaking some guy’s ankle

Good point guards of the game such as Allen Iverson were always characterized by exceptional ball handling skills. This aptitude is what allows them to move freely around the court without losing the ball or getting stripped by defenders. On top of that, defending the ball when penetrating to the basket area is the most important thing, it gives the player the option to finish with a layup (or dunk if one can jump high enough) as well as creates an opportunity for the offense to score from many locations.

I found this funny piece of video on youtube which shows you some  drills you can do to improve your ball handling.

These drills are very important because they’ll allow you to do either one of two things which are critical:

1. Penetrate to the basket

Without the ability to cross over and deceive your defender it’ll be almost impossible for you to get to the rim into an easy layup. In a set game you will simply have no chance and even if you somehow managed to get across your defender there’s still going to be the help that will come after that and if you can’t go past them then you won’t be able to finish.

Assuming you did manage to get to the rim you will most likely run into the tallest player on the defense because they’re the ones that are always down low. If you don’t have enough power in your legs you will simply be blocked by these guys so having the ability to penetrate is not enough, you need to be able to explode under them rim. To do that you could use a vertical leap training program such as the jump manual so that nobody will be able to contest on your shot. I did an in depth review about the jump manual program and you’re welcome to check it out.

2. Shake off your defender

Many times when the game is on the line or the clock is pushing it the defense is gonna to press and your defender’s going to guard you very tight. In order to free yourself from him and get to a position where you have the opportunity to shoot the ball then you’ll have to create some space. The best way to do that is with good dribbling and a killer cross over.

Allen Iverson was a master at this, he would take the ball, wait until the last 5 seconds, dribble 2 or 3 times, then a killer crossover with a step back and he would bury the shot.

If you want to able to do that then start with this.

So after you’re done laughing notice the level of control…you want it too, don’t you?
Then start strengthening your handling skills with these drills, I used them for a while and it really helped me improve my handles, and I’m terrible with handling the ball so if I could do it then anybody could do it.

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  1. The superhandles guy is hilarious when the video runs fast forward, also the guy looks like eminem, lol. but nice tips though, the drills are very good for working on power, speed and rhythm.
    Thanks Matt.

  2. Can you give some tips about how improve in game dribbling, like when the defense is putting pressure on you…
    I always have problem with full court pressure and I seem to lose the ball a lot of times.

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