How To Overcome Obstacles And Jump Over The Hurdle


Throughout your basketball career, and life, you will encounter several obstacles that stand in your way. These obstacles can come in the form of injuries, financial crises, or personal problems. When met with an obstacle, you have two choices: overcome it or allow it to overcome you.

Allowing Obstacles to Overcome You

Allowing an obstacle to overcome you is easy. It doesn’t require any real work on your part and takes about a second. All you have to do is come to the conclusion that you’re going to quit trying. For example, it’s easy to get cut from a basketball team, get a bad performance review at work, or get rejected for a promotion and simply quit trying. It sure requires a lot less work than the alternative.

Overcoming Obstacles

Overcoming an obstacle takes work. It requires you to form a solution and work to get past it to continue pursuing your goals. For example, if you get cut from the team, you could try out again next year or try another team. If you get rejected for that promotion, just keep working toward. You don’t have to quit when you’re met with adversity.

This next video by Ted is a bit sad, but every time I watch it I’m reminded that there are people with bigger obstacles than us, people with handicaps and disabilities that limit them from doing simple every day stuff that we take for granted. Remarkably though, these people found a way to overcome their obstacle and do the impossible, so if they can do it then so can you.

Be Mindful of The Moment

A wise man once told me

When that moment is near or when you’re in that moment, sometimes you have to stop and remind yourself about it.

When you get to a certain situation like somewhere that you really wanted to be or something that you really wanted to do, a lot of time there’s so much going through your head and you’re often distracted or overwhelmed by the size of the event.

Stay locked in!

Whenever that moment arrives you have to stop and remind yourself that this is the moment that you wished for and been preparing to for so long. You have to remind yourself that this is it… you’re right on the doorstep of reaching that goal.

Because so many things could be happening at that moment it’s best to stop, clear your head, and remind yourself that this is the big moment.

Stay Focused

This practice of reminding yourself is extremely important in overcoming obstacles because sometimes we tend to forget things in the heat of the moment. In order to focus and boost our will power we have to be reminded of the path we’ve taken and all the sacrifice we’ve made to have win that chance.

So once you get to that moment remember to be mindful about it and push a little harder.

Most importantly don’t let obstacles stand in the way of your goals and dreams. Persevere in whatever you do and don’t quit just because adversity hits you in the face. When faced with an obstacle figure out a way for you to jump over it. It will be a rewarding experience.

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