Vert Shock Discount: How to Get 50% OFF When You Buy

Summary: When it comes to increasing your vertical jump, Vert Shock is still our #1 choice. And to make things even better, it’s now available at a 50% discount.


On my last post on the blog, I brought my friend Josh Williams to talk about his experience with Vert Shock and share his opinion about it.

Josh made an extensive review highlighting all the ups and downs of the program, describing how he went from a 24-inch vertical to an average NBA player 33-inch vertical.

Apparently, after publishing his review, Josh has continued doing the program, and since then, he has added three more inches to his jump, now measuring at a whopping 37-inch vertical.

Not bad for a white kid with chicken legs!

 Anyway, since then, we’ve been getting tons of emails from people all over the world asking us if there’s a way to get Vert Shock for cheaper.

First of all, if you haven’t taken advantage of this Vert Shock free pdf then you should definitely go and do so.

But to be honest with you, I think the program is already being sold at a dirt cheap price, and if you asked me, a one-time investment of just $67 for something that could literally transform your game FOREVER, is really nothing.

When it comes down it, the amount of improvement that you’ll get from doing the program, and the amount of time that you’ll save with it by avoiding working out incorrectly – it just makes the decision a no-brainer.

However, I do understand that for some people, especially young fellas between the ages of 12-16, every dollar counts.

They can’t afford to buy this program, either because their parents are not willing to pay, or because they just don’t live in a place where money is abundant (developing countries, etc..).

So in order to help you with that and help get you started, I found this discount that cuts the price down by 50%.

How Do I Get The Discount?

No need to enter any coupons or promo codes, just use the discount link below, and it’ll be applied to your cart automatically.

Note: I don’t know how long this discount is going to last and I have no control over it.

Thincpro, the company who sells Vert Shock, is the one who decides when and where to do these promotions. Because of that, I can’t guarantee that this deal will be up forever – it might end anytime in the near future.

So use it while you still can, before they close this one up.

Credit to Sean from NBATVChannelHD for discovering this deal.