A Power Forward like You’ve Never Seen Before

Kevin Garnett – one of the best PFs of the last decade

Everybody knows the significance of a good Power Forward player on your side.

A good forward will know how to take advantage on the holes of the opposing team and break the defense alignment in the right moment.

A power forward is there to help the Big man and Guards to get to their sweet spots – the point where they can take a shot and score the ball easily with a good percentage.

One key area that a PF needs to be good at is rebounding.

Rebounding requires a lot of effort on a team, and much of the weight of this job falls on the shoulders of the big guys – the Center and PF.

Therefore, a PF needs to be tall and super strong to hold his ground, that’s why PFs look like a tank a lot of times.

On top of that, they need to be able to jump high and have a high reach in order to get the ball.

I’ve seen many times big guys getting abused by shorter and more athletic guys. It’s really humiliating when someone six inches shorter than you steals your rebounds.

Here are a few tips with that:


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