The NBA Slam Dunk Contest In Last years: A Vertical Jump Display!

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On May 1, 2014
Last modified:August 25, 2017


If you ask the majority of the best players on the NBA if they would participate in the dunk contest they would tell you they will not because there's no longer much honor in this title and it's nothing compared to winning a championship.


In the last years the NBA’s slam dunk contest has really deteriorated, it has became massively commercial and it no longer continues to develop.

In the past years, with stars like MJ and Nate Robinson where the slam dunk contest was a challenge, there was still some curiosity as to what will happen – will they achieve their goal to dunk? will they jump high enough to make it over the hurdle?

Today, the slam dunk contest has become only for showcasing, a spectacle, nothing more. And if you ask anyone who’s a fan of the game he will tell you right away: a dunk in a game is far more exciting then a dunk being made in the slam dunk contest (if you want to achieve that I suggest checking out Vert Shock), that’s why as the years go by less admirable and honored players wish to participate in the dunk contest, because it has lost something that it once had.

Watch the 2012 dunk contest and see what I’m talking about…

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