Jordan: “Westbrook Reminds Me of Myself 30 Years Ago”

Season 2015/16 for Russell Westbrook was great, during which he equaled the record of legendary Magic Johnson with most triple-doubles in 50 years (18 the whole season and 6 only in March alone). Throughout his career, Westbrook appeared 5 times in the All-Star and won twice in an All-Star MVP. He also averaged 23.5 points, 7.8 rebounds and 10.4 assists last season and finished fourth in the MVP rankings.

While the star next to him, Kevin Durant, deserted to Golden State, Russell Westbrook decided to take a courageous decision to stay in Oklahoma City and extend his contract, assuring that he will not leave until at least 2018. From the young team built by esteemed General Manager Sam Presti back in 2009, which included James Harden, Kevin Durant, Serge Ibaka and Westbrook, Westbrook remained the last one, but it does not cause him to lose hope.

Not leaving – Westbrook

After his decision to stay in Oklahoma, Russell Westbrook won the biggest compliment of all.

Shortly after the announcement of Westbrook that he remains in Oklahoma City, probably not coincidentally, an interview held with Westbrook was released as part of a launch of the brand video for Michael Jordan shoes.

The 27 year old Point guard will be the new face of the brand and was exposed for the first time to the new video advertisement in which Jordan, the greatest basketball player of all time, says on Westbrook: “He reminds me of myself 30 years ago; the attitude, the will to prove yourself, the passion for the game – you can see it in his game. You can see that he really loves the game.”

Jordan’s words in the video caught Westbrook by surprise. “It’s crazy,” he said after the screening, “I do not really know what to say. When the greatest player ever says about you what he said, it makes me want to continue to strive higher.”

The Guard, should be noted, will turn 28 at the opening of the upcoming season of the NBA. This was the age at which Jordan took his first championship of 6 in total. If he wants to validate this comparison, it’s time for Westbrook to start taking championships, and without Durant by his side, it will be much more difficult.

After the highly publicized departure of Kevin Durant to Golden State, endless speculations and rumors hovered over the future of Russell Westbrook in Oklahoma City. About 2 weeks ago the Superstar dissolved the fog around him when he signed a new contract for two more years, apart from the coming year.

Thunder’s star, Russell Westbrook will not leave the team and will receive an upgrade of over 8 million dollars per season.

The wonderful guard reached an agreement with the heads of the Thunder on remaining in the team for the next three years, during which he will earn 85.7 million dollars. Westbrook officially signed the contract after several hours earlier confirming the deal on his Twitter account.

“I am grateful for my staying in Thunder,” said the star, “glad to continue to be part of a franchise I’m happy to belong to. I’m excited about the possibility to continue to move forward with the guys who play with me in front of the best audience in the NBA.”

Negotiations between the parties were to extend the contract of Westbrook by two additional years, since his current contract in Oklahoma City ends at the end of the coming season. According to the new agreement, Westbrook won a salary upgrade and will receive an addition of 8.7 million dollars per season, from 17.8 to 26.5 million, the maximum amount you can earn on a single season.


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